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Tenured and Tenure-Track Brandeis Faculty Support Our Contingent Colleagues!

Dear Colleagues,

This past year, part-time lecturers at Tufts University formed a union and negotiated a landmark contract – bolstered by the full support of tenured and tenure-track faculty on campus. Boston University, Lesley, Northeastern and Bentley have all seen similar union victories in the past year and a half, all with full-time tenured faculty support.

We understand that this academic year, many Brandeis contingent faculty – in affiliation with Faculty Forward and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) – have begun organizing for union membership. We write to support your efforts and to reiterate what many of us know and about which we have strong feelings: full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty like ourselves constitute a privileged elite at Brandeis, but our entire academic and pedagogic enterprise – our academy – could not function without the work of the several hundredcontingent faculty here. You are our colleagues and equal participants in the enterprise of teaching at this university. You deserve to be treated as such. 

We pledge to support our colleagues as you advocate for your interests, your students’ interests and the broader interests of the Brandeis community by exercising your right to form a union. We strongly encourage all eligible faculty to fully support the forthcoming election to form a strong faculty union at Brandeis.

In Solidarity,

Tzvi Abusch, Professor, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Jonathan Anjaria, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Silvia Arrom, Professor Emerita, History
Olivier Bernardi, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Bernadette Brooten, Professor and Chair, Religious Studies; Near Eastern and Judaic Studies; Women’s, Gender,and Sexuality Studies; Classical Studies
David Buchsbaum, Berenson Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, Mathematics
John Burt, Professor, English
Mary Baine Campbell Professor, English; Comparative Literature
Peter Conrad, Harry Coplan Professor of Social Sciences and Chair, Sociology
Gordon Fellman, Professor and Chair, Sociology
Elizabeth Ferry, Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Mari Fitzduff, Professor, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management
William Flesch, Professor, English
Janet Giele, Professor Emerita , The Heller School for Social Policy and Management
David Gil, Professor Emeritus, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management
Charles Golden, Associate Professor and Chair, Latin American and Latino Studies; Anthropology
Anita Hannig, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Erica Harth, Professor Emerita, Humanities and WSG
Michael Henchman, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
James Hendrickson, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
Donald Hindley, Professor, Politics
Caren Irr, Professor and Chair, English
Ray Jackendoff, Professor Emeritus, Psychology
David Jacobson, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Patricia A. Johnston, Professor, Classical Studies
Thomas King, Associate Professor, English; Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Sexuality and Queer Studies Program; Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation Program
Karen Klein, Associate Professor Emerita, English; Interdisciplinary Humanities
Ann Koloski-Ostrow, Professor and Chair, Classical Studies
Sarah Lamb, Professor, Anthropology
Sue Lanser, Professor, Comparative Literature; English; Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Albion Lawrence, Associate Professor, Physics
Louise Lopman, Resident Scholar, Women’s StudiesResearch Center
Harry Mairson, Professor, Computer Science
Alan Mayer, Professor, Mathematics
Janet McIntosh, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Pascal Menoret, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Paul Miller, Associate Professor, Biology; Neuroscience
Laura Miller, Associate Professor, Sociology
Paul Monsky, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Paul Morrison, Professor, English
Richard Parmentier, Professor, Anthropology
John Plotz, Professor, English
David Powelstock, Associate Professor, German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature; Comparative Literature
Laura Quinney, Professor, English
Michael Randall, Professor and Chair, Romance Studies
Avital Rodal, Assistant Professor, Biology
Azadeh Samadani, Assistant Professor, Physics
Ellen Schattschneider, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Tom Shapiro, Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy, The Heller School for Social Policy and Managment
Eugene Sheppard, Associate Professor and Chair, History of Ideas; Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
David Sherman, Associate Professor, English
Neil Simister, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and of the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center, Biology
Dawn Skorczewski, Professor, English
Faith Smith, Associate Professor, African and Afro-American Studies; English
Jerome Tharaud, Assistant Professor, English
Javier Urcid, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Robert Zeitlin, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Have a tenured or tenure-track colleague who supports the faculty union effort?

Ask them to join us!