We Reached a Tentative Agreement

We have reached a tentative agreement on our first collective bargaining agreement with the Brandeis University administration! This settlement makes significant progress on fair compensation, job security and income stability, professional development, and other key priorities.

What Happens Next?

First, it means that the negotiating committee members believe this is a good contract and are recommending it for your approval. The contract cannot go into effect without being ratified by Brandeis Part-Time Contingent Faculty who become members of our union.

Next week we will hold two days of in-person information sessions on the agreement, where you can cast a ratification vote.

Tuesday, April 25th
11:00 – 12:00
12:30 – 1:30
2:00 – 3:00
5:00 – 6:00

Wednesday, April 26th
11:00 – 12:00
1:00 – 2:00
2:00 – 3:00
5:00 – 6:00

All info sessions will take place in the Luria Room of the Hassenfeld Conference Center.

Online/out of state faculty, please join us on Wednesday, April 26th at 7pm for a digital info session. Use this link to join our online meeting –– you will need the Adobe Connect Add-in.


Did We Achieve Our Goals?

We formed our union over a year ago and we have been working for a first contract ever since. While this agreement doesn’t fix every problem at Brandeis, we believe significant progress has been made. Areas in which this first contract makes gains include:

Significant pay increases and progress towards parity. By the end of this three-year agreement, the lowest-paid adjunct faculty will see significant pay increases. Lecturers in Arts and Sciences will see a median per-credit pay increase of 25 percent. Rabb GPS Instructors will see a median pay increase of 17 percent. Every part-time contingent faculty member will have guaranteed raises each year. These gains bring us closer to pay parity — equal pay for teaching — with our full-time colleagues.

Job security and income stability. We will be eligible for multi-year appointments and protections against reduction in teaching load — and thus income — from year to year. Class cancellations will not affect our eligibility for benefits.

Rewarding longevity. Adjunct faculty will have their base per-course rates increased for longevity, in addition to across-the-board raises guaranteed every year.

Support for research, artistic practice, and professional practice. As scholars, artists, and practitioners we will have access to funding for professional development that supports teaching and learning at Brandeis.

Inclusion and a voice for faculty. We formed a union to have a seat at the table and a say in decisions that affect us. Through enhanced inclusion in department and program meetings, as well as a new joint labor-management committee, we will continue to enact the mutual problem-solving approach and collaborative spirit that characterized the negotiations.

How Did We Reach This Agreement?

Since 2015, when we first came together to form our union, we have had support from tenured faculty, alumni, and, most of all, students. Particularly in the last month of bargaining, the Brandeis administration received the same message over and over: all faculty, regardless of rank, appointment type, or whether they teach face-to-face or online, are to be treated as valued members of our academic community.

We are thrilled to share this victory with these allies, and we look forward to sharing them with you next week. Don’t forget to RSVP for one of the information sessions!

On Behalf of your Brandeis Faculty Forward Negotiating Committee,

Chris Alt, International Business School
Joshua Ellsworth, Heller School of Social Policy and Management
Drew Flanagan, College of Arts and Sciences
Nina Kammerer, Heller School of Social Policy and Management
Michelle Mann, College of Arts and Sciences
Cynthia Phillips, Rabb School of Continuing Studies (GPS)
Amy Todd, Rabb School of Continuing Studies (GPS)


Click here to see a more detailed summary of our new TA

Click here to become a member of our union

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Contract Input Session Dates Announced!

To complement the input shared through our bargaining survey, the Brandeis Faculty Union plans to host a series of contract input sessions in the coming weeks. These informal conversations across departments and programs will address questions on the collective bargaining process and help to establish priorities for our first union contract. cialis 5mg kohlpharma

Sessions are open to all bargaining unit members (Part-Time Contract and Adjunct Faculty). Tentative details are included below, with some buildings and rooms TBD. Additional sessions maybe scheduled beyond March 2, if needed

Continue Reading…

cheapest price on levitra We’ve Won Our Union at Brandeis!

We did it!

On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finished tallying our votes. By an incredible 4-to-1 margin, we, the adjuncts and part-time contract faculty at Brandeis, have decided to form our union. Welcome to the Brandeis chapter of Faculty Forward / SEIU Local 509!

Now that we have unionized, it is time to look forward to the positive changes that collective action brings. Whether you voted yes, no or abstained, we invite you to join in working together to set goals, determine values and win measurable gains. Our aim is for every adjunct and part-time contract faculty member to be heard, to be recognized and to strengthen our collective voice as a faculty union. Continue Reading…

Faculty Voices: We’re Voting ‘Union Yes!’

Dear Colleague, 100mg viagra vs 20mg levitra

Above you will find information about how you can join the effort to make history at Brandeis.  As adjunct and part-time contract faculty, we are close to a unique opportunity to establish our collective voice on campus — and to ensure that Brandeis maintains its role as a nationwide leader in social justice, academic quality, and faculty excellence.

In these pages you will read, in their own words, why many of our colleagues have pledged to vote ‘YES’ to forming a union at Brandeis.  From employment security, to fair wages and better benefits, to strengthening our voice in governance and academic affairs, there is a broad range of concerns faculty bring to the vote.

Despite that variety, we all share a commitment to teaching, to our students, and to the unique character of this University.  We will vote ‘YES’ to make our voices heard, and to uphold the core Brandeis mission of social justice, support of faculty excellence, and commitment to a robust academic environment.

As you read our colleagues’ accounts, please consider adding your voice to this important effort.  Vote ‘Yes’ when you receive your ballot.  And after we’ve won our union, join the effort to build a collective bargaining agreement that addresses the broad range of our concerns. Together we can make Brandeis a better place for all!


The Brandeis Faculty Forward Organizing Committee

Understanding Collective Bargaining & Defining Our Union Priorities

The collective bargaining process can cover a host of important issues — from job security and compensation to benefits and professional development. It is up to us as adjunct and part-time faculty to determine what we’d like to maintain at Brandeis and what we’d like to prioritize for improvement. No matter what we choose to pursue, our efforts will no doubt foster a more transparent, consistent and fair relationship between faculty and university administrators. viagra online apotheke ohne rezept

Please take a few moments to review the summary below — then click here to sign the ‘Union Yes’ pledge to join our shared pursuit of social justice and academic excellence at Brandeis. Viagra By Mail

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