Boston Globe: Tufts part-time professors to get better pay, job security

By Matt Rocheleau, Boston Globe | October 27, 2014

Most part-time professors at Tufts University will get a 22 percent pay raise over the next three years and improved job security under a new contract that could influence negotiations at other schools where adjunct faculty have recently organized or are considering doing so.

The Tufts deal, a three-year agreement ratified Friday, will also keep an existing arrangement that makes professors who teach at least three courses over the course of an academic year eligible for health, retirement, tuition reimbursement, and other employee benefits, according to union officials.

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Boston Globe: For Northeastern adjuncts, organizing is a no-brainer

Boston Globe | April 21, 2014

NEXT WEEK, 950 members of Northeastern University’s adjunct faculty will have the opportunity to vote to form a union, part of a national movement to improve representation of these largely unacknowledged campus mainstays. In the Boston area, adjuncts have already voted to unionize at Tufts University and Lesley College, and a similar effort is underway at Boston University. As with any vote on whether to unionize, it comes down to whether the overall condition of the workers would be enhanced or restrained by a union. This one should be a no-brainer, however: Private universities, with only a few exceptions, have treated adjuncts as a kind of migrant workforce, paying them as little as possible and offering minimal support of any other kind. Forget about job security: Adjuncts sometimes must wait until a week or two before classes begin to learn whether they’ll be teaching or not. Forget about benefits: At many universities, they’re charged to park or use the gym.

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